1. Dismantling
  2. The Maintenance Team will dismantle the whole interior, cowling, blades etc to allow painting works to be done.

  3. Towing
  4. The Maintenance Team will later tow the aircraft to the hanger paintshop.

  5. Masking
  6. Cover the innerpart vis-a-vis the required areas of the aircraft with plastics to avoid dust to get contact with other components.

  7. Interior Painting
  8. Start to paint the designated inner areas of the aircraft.

  9. Masking
  10. Cover the painted innerpart vis-a-vis the required areas of the aircraft again with plastics to avoid dust to get contact with other components.

  11. Sanding
  12. Start to do sanding on the whole outer areas or designated areas of the aircraft to allow painting works.

  13. Washing
  14. Wash the whole sanded outer layer with water added with special detergent.

  15. Filler
  16. To apply filler to all external dented areas to make flat & smooth surface including cowling areas if any.

  17. Sanding
  18. Re-sanding the outer layer again using sand papers for smooth & flat surface

  19. Wash
  20. Wash the outer part of the aircraft with water to eliminate any dusts.

  21. Epoxy Primer
  22. Apply Epoxy Primer purposely to protect the filler and the whole outer layer of the aircraft using spray gun.

  23. Sanding
  24. Final Sanding the whole outer layer again to allow painting works to start.

  25. Wash
  26. Re wash the sanding areas (outer layer of the aircraft) again to make smooth surface before painting.

  27. Checking
  28. To final checked the outer surface prior painting works if there is any dented surface, curve etc.

  1. Degreasing
  2. Apply Solvent Cleaner (Degreaser) to remove any stain like oil, grease etc from the aircraft surface.

  3. Air Spraying
  4. To apply spray air using air compressor to eliminate any dusts on the outer surface of the aircraft.

  5. Cleaning
  6. Apply special cloth namely Tag Rags to further remove any dust from the surface.

  7. Painting
  8. Start painting Base Color minimum two-layer painting using colors specified by clients. Leave the aircraft in the oven untouchable for minimum 24 hours.

  9. Sticker
  10. Start to stick any Stickers or Lining according the design by clients neither by Technical Team nor Other Sub-Contractor.

  11. Painting
  12. Paint to customer design specification while sticker on.

  13. Check
  14. Final touch-up on painting works for any missing lines or likewise.

  15. Coat
  16. Apply special coating called Clear Coat to protect the color as well as the certain stickers. This process is also to shine the painted color and leave for minimum 24 hours.

  1. Clearing
  2. Remove all maskings before towing the aircraft to the Main Hanger.

  3. Fixing
  4. Fix back all the cowlings as per original.

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